our mindful drinking mission

We’re on a mission to help you drink mindfully, in the same ways you eat and exercise mindfully (day and night).

But what is mindful drinking, you ask?

Here’s our take:

We’re intentional about what we eat. We’re intentional about how we move our bodies. But when it comes to drinking beverages, we’re not always paying attention to what’s in them and how they’re making us feel.

Our stressed out, on-the-go lifestyles led us to chug drinks during the day for their energy and caffeine, and to “unwind” or “let loose” at night or on weekends by downing “adult” beverages. For whatever reason, we've collectively decided that calories or nutrition don’t count when you’re drinking. Ingredients that we normally would NEVER put into our bodies are tossed back without a second thought.

When we initially launched our company, we wanted to help people mix cocktails, recover from a night out, or abstain from drinking, all in a healthier way. But the more that we talked to people, opened our eyes to what was going on around us, and took a step back to look at our own habits, we saw something bigger.

The times, they are a changing:

Sober bars are popping up in NYC, LA and Austin. People are doing dry challenges that turn into long-term lifestyle changes. Your favorite wellness bloggers and influencers are cutting out alcohol. “Sober Curious” has gone mainstream. Younger generations are drinking less. Authenticity is sexy. Zero-proof is trendy.

Personally, we found that when we stopped reaching for that bottle of wine or a box of CBD gummies at the end of a long day, the anxiety felt more manageable, the sleep came easier, the social connections went deeper.

Mindful drinking has helped us acknowledge our true, authentic self. It’s unleashed a creativity and a drive we didn’t know existed. And it’s made us feel ALL the feelings, rather than suppressing them or dulling the pain.

So, as we've grown, so has our mission to help others drink mindfully. And to us, that means:

  • starting a dialogue about the drinking culture and our dependency on substances to fuel social interaction. 

  • creating spaces where not drinking is just as cool and just as fun as drinking.

  • bridging the gap between those who don’t drink and those who do.

  • making it easier to go out at night to socialize and drink something that you feel good about, whether it be a switchel or another thoughtfully crafted nonalcoholic beverage.

You don’t have to participate in the drinking culture to socialize or have fun. A hangover is not the badge of a great night out. “Adult” libations don't always need to include alcohol. 

We want to pave a new path forward that is inclusive, accessible, raw, and real. We want to be thoughtful and intentional about what we drink, how we drink, and WHY we drink, and we want to help others do the same. 

At sunōmi, we drink mindfully because it’s opened our eyes and our hearts. Why do you drink mindfully?